Information About Games for a Living

In the ever-evolving world of gaming, standing out demands more than mere technological proficiency—it requires vision, innovation, and a commitment to crafting unparalleled experiences. Introducing Games for a Living (GFAL), a collaborative venture of industry visionaries including Manel Sort (CEO), the former First Vice President at Activision Blizzard King, Trip Hawkins (CSO), founder and former CEO of both Electronic Arts and Digital Chocolate, Javier León (Art Director), an Emmy Award Nominee, Christian Gascons (COO), Marc Tormo (CCO) both ex-Blizzard Entertainment, Carlos Blanco and Ernest Sánchez, both entrepreneurial leaders in the field of new technologies, with numerous achievements backing their expertise. The management team alone boasts a combined experience of 140 years in building and growing video game startups.
Born in the vibrant heart of Barcelona, GFAL is not just another video game development and publishing studio. It represents a unique blend of seasoned expertise, passion, and forward-thinking prowess. With a dedicated team of over 35 professionals working diligently on the project, our collective spirit since our inception in 2021 has been unwavering. Our mission has always been crystal clear: to craft innovative, engaging, and timeless games using the most cutting-edge technology available. Beyond our own creations, we are committed to nurturing and amplifying the voices of other developers whose visions align with ours, fostering a collaborative and expansive gaming ecosystem.
Driven by three fundamental principles, our games aren't just fleeting sources of entertainment; they're immersive experiences, tailor-made to resonate across generations. We provide players with the unprecedented opportunity to claim true ownership of Digital Collectibles. These collectibles aren’t merely digital assets—they are treasures, memories, and testaments to a player’s journey, safeguarded in a way that ensures lasting ownership and legacy.
Our signature creations, 'Elemental Raiders', 'Diamond Dreams', and 'GFAL Marketplace', represent our vision. From strategic depth to the glistening allure of in-game jewels, we are redefining the boundaries of engagement and player ownership.
As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite you to join us. Welcome to a revolution in gaming, where every experience is innovative, every moment is engaging, and every game is timeless. Welcome to Games for a Living.
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