Information on Token Sale

Private Sale and Pre-Sale

The content of this document describes the conditions of the sale of $GFAL, which will be carried out in two phases:

Private Sale

Of the total 10 billion $GFAL issued by Games for a Living, Games for a Living reserved the right to sell up to a total of up to 15% of tokens privately.

Public Sale

Upon completion of the Private Offering, the Issuer offered up to 2% of the total tokens in a Pre-Sale through Launchpads during the subscription period.

Hard Cap

The maximum amount to be placed between the private sale (15% of all tokens) and the public sale (2% of all tokens) will be 1,700,000,000 $GFAL, which amounts to €3.75 million (private sale) and $800.000 (public sale).


Token: Digital asset that can be used within the ecosystem of a specific project. The most common token standard is known as ERC-20.

Lock-up period: Period of time during which token transmissibility is not allowed.

Vesting: The progressive release of tokens during the specified period, with the accrued amount for tokens being distributed on a monthly and a proportional basis during said period.

Airdrops: Operation to send tokens to selected users with the purpose of promoting new products and token uses.

Liquidity pool: Share of the total token supply that is not for sale during the private offering or the pre-sale.

Token Price and Sale Stages

Private Sale

  • Start date: February 23rd, 2022

  • Lock-up period: 3 months from public listing.

  • Vesting (release): Starting from the end of the lock-up period, in 1-month blocks, for 12 months.

  • Purchase limits: Minimum €30,000

  • Maximum % of total issuance: 15%

  • Maximum number of tokens to be issued: 1,500,000,000

  • Token price: €0.0025

Public Sale

  • Start date: March 9th, 2023, 11:00 am UTC

  • End date: March 10th, 2023, 11:00 am UTC

  • Unlock at public listing: 33.33%

  • No Lock-up period

  • Vesting remaining: 2 months from public listing

  • Maximum % of total issuance: 2%

  • Maximum number of tokens to be issued: 200,000,000

  • Token price: $0.004

Public Listing

  • Start date: March, 13th 2023, 11:00 am UTC

The tokens assigned to the phases of private sale and pre-sale phase that are not sold in the designated phases may be offered in the following phase with the value corresponding to the phase in which they are assigned.

Target Market

The target market for the sale of the $GFAL is primarily the players, partners, and developers interested in Games for a Living, as well as investors interested in blockchain projects.

That said, given the potential utility of holding and using the $GFAL, the target market for this offering may be extended to:

  • Current and potential institutional customers of the platform.

  • Partner brands.

  • Institutions with an interest in entering the crypto-asset ecosystem.

Payment Methods for Acquiring $GFAL

The following payment methods are offered for the purchase of $GFAL:

  • Bank transfer

  • Credit card

  • Any cryptocurrency supported for trading on the Games for a Living ecosystem.

During the terms of each pre-sale option, users will be able to subscribe funds to the wallet and the resulting balance will be deposited in the same wallet when the sale ends. Depending on the option chosen and the lock-up period, users will be able to sell or withdraw their balance.

The token will be able to be purchased on the pre-sale via the following official launchpads:

Token Delivery

The delivery and unlocking of tokens will take place entirely on the Network. In the first instance, all the corresponding tokens for each user will be visible in their Games for a living account, although subject to different blocking models.

The tokens will be delivered to the Games for a living Wallet.

Jurisdiction and Competence

Any incidence derived from this document and/or its respective subscription terms of annexed will be subject to Spanish legislation.

Waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond, the buyers submit to the Courts of Barcelona, to resolve any differences that may arise in the interpretation or execution of this document and/or its respective subscription terms annexed.

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