At Games for a Living, we're more than just another gaming platform; we're shaping a new gaming experience. Our blockchain-powered platform stands at the intersection of technology and entertainment, ensuring that both gamers and developers can unlock and utilize state-of-the-art features With features like digital asset ownership for gamers and a suite of practical development tools for creators, our focus is on improving and streamlining engagement within the GFAL infrastructure.
The Platform has been architected and implemented with a cross-platform focus from day one, so it will support all major mobile & desktop platforms.
The Platform includes the following elements:
  • GFAL ID: Allows players to access and manage their game accounts across multiple devices and games within GFAL.
  • GFAL Launcher: Designed to enhance the player gaming experience by seamlessly integrating both first and third-party games into a unified platform.
  • Marketplace: A dynamic and enhanced marketplace with a user friendly interface that allows users trade their collectibles from all games within GFAL ecosystem.
  • Game Tools: Offering a full set of game service tools such as:
    • GFAL Wallet
    • Token and NFT creation
    • Game Analytics
    • Live Events
Last modified 3mo ago