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The In-Game dedicated allocation represents 15% of $GFAL's total offering and have a 3% unlock at public listing, and a 60-month vesting period of the remaining tokens starting from the end of month 1. Its goal is to attract a wide range of players to the Games For A Living ecosystem in search of token rewards, by granting ownership and participation to the most active members of the community.

Games for a Living plans to use In-Game as part of the offering by rewarding key behaviors within the ecosystem, such as competing in PvP, participating in PvE events, winning tournaments, participating in the Games for a Living market or even using future unannounced Games for a Living products. ‌The In-Game allocation can be viewed as a marketing budget for the ecosystem.

The In-Game allocation is something that the governance of the platform could potentially decide on over time. $GFAL earned through the In-Game allocation will initially be open for trading immediately, but the Games for a Living team will release as per demand of the $GFAL in the game.

Why In-Game rewards? A game needs players. By simply playing the game, community members add value to the network and should be rewarded. It's simple, but revolutionary. Games for a Living is looking for evangelists to line up incentives as it changes the world of gaming forever.

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