$GFAL use for Players

$GFAL will serve as a cross-currency in all Games developed with the Network

Uses and benefits of $GFAL in Elemental Raiders, but applicable to all Games:

  • Purchases: All in-game purchases are made with $GFAL.

  • Mint & Upgrade: Players can mint their digital collectibles and upgrade them using $GFAL.

  • P2E Matches: Players that own $GFAL can start earning in-game tokens by playing the game via Tournaments.

  • Marketplace: Players will be able to buy in-game digital collectibles and currencies from other users with $GFAL, and pay the fiat and crypto payment commissions.

  • Bridges: Players will be able to transfer their $GFAL and digital collectibles to other chains, exchanges, marketplaces, and platforms paying the gas fee with $GFAL.

  • Events: Games will hold special events where players will get rewarded in $GFAL.

  • Seasons: At the end of each season of the game, top-ranking players will receive $GFAL depending on their position on the leaderboard.

Additional possible use cases in other Games:

  • Access to exclusive adventures/quests

  • Access to PvP tournaments

  • Actions to create or combine digital collectibles

  • Speed up routine processes

  • Increase the activity limit (e.g. number of daily games)

  • Priority whitelist in the ICOs of new Games

The exclusive actions/features will be defined by the developer of each game together with Games for a Living.

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